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Peter Pook, Pook's Class War

Once again Pook comes up with another original formula for mirth and sheer reading pleasure which his fans enjoy so much. Schoolmaster Pook often illustrates his lessons by anecdotes from the War. His pupils like this too, but they like it even more when nostalgia so grips Pook that he seems to reminisce himself into the past before their very eyes.


The boys and girls of Cudford Secondary School see Pook making love on the summit of the Great Pyramid of Egypt; being chased by German paratroops during the invasion of Crete; and finding himself blackmailed by a beautiful half-caste girl in Ceylon not forgetting some remarkable experiences with Honners in Burma and on the Maldive Islands.


Between these hilarious adventures, Pook takes a closer look at modern education, teachers and children, portraying aspects of school life of which the public is scarcely aware.


Here is an opportunity to meet once more some of the memorable characters from former Pook Books, such as Commander Bray of theNavy, and Sergeant Canyon of the Royal Marines with whom Pook served during the War—and Dr Collins, his long-suffering Headmaster.


Definitely a volume in the high tradition of humour Pook has established in recent years, and worthy to be added to the set which many readers are collecting, to savour many times over.



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£7.50 : Paperback

Cover Design by Richie Perrott

ISBN: 978-1-874490-61-6