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Peter Pook, Pook In Boots

Banking on Form was so funny people said, that they daren’t read it in public places but Pook in Boots is even funnier!


Leaving the Bank, Pook continues his aggressive career in the Royal Marines, where he mixes with earls and orphans―leading them all cheerfully to perdition, willingly aided by the smallest Marine on record, the Hon. Lesley Pilkington-Goldberg.


Opposing Pook and his dislike of discipline is that magnificent character Sergeant Canyon―fifteen stone of  bad-tempered Saxon warrior―whose epic encounter with Pook in the Unarmed Combat Class is still remembered with awe by those who saw it.


Running through the story is the love-interest of Pook’s girl-friends—unexpectedly connected with his celebrated inter-Service bout with the notorious Bandsman Bangle, which is described here for the first time. Because, as Pook remarks, “any fool can read a love yarn but it takes grit to read this type of literature.”


We meet the shrewdest tactician of them all in Lieutenant Tudor―late house-detective at a London Hotel―whose fondness for the ladies is second only to his skill in battle. What happens to Pook during the disastrous Exercise Seaweed, followed by the extraordinary Passing Out Parade and a hilarious party in the West End night-club, will confirm his position as the biggest laughter-raiser in the business.


Colonel Tank sums up wisely when he observes: “Sometimes I wonder if  I’m C.O. of a crack fighting regiment or the manager of a West End hotel for spies.”


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£7.50 : Paperback

Cover Design by Richie Perrott

ISBN: 978-1-874490-51-7