Within this highly exciting and moving story concepts are attacked that are almost sacrosanct in nations today and yet are proving divisive and highly dangerous in a world containing mass destructive weapons and politicians with doubtful ambitions.

The strange liaison between RAF Flt Lt. Sean Hammond, DFC, a fighter-pilot and confirmed atheist who volunteers to fight in 1939 because his hatred of bullies outweighs his distrust of patriotism, and Linda Martin, a devoted and married Christian with a deep, patriotic love of her country, defies logical explanation.

When Linda first encounters a wounded Sean Hammond trespassing on her father’s land she is moved by his plight and sense of isolation, although totally at odds with his beliefs. However, she feels drawn to him by forces beyond her control and a compelling desire to help him puts her marriage with Group Captain Douglas Martin at risk.

Shot down behind enemy lines while protecting a helpless German pilot, saved by a German priest, allowed to escape on the strength of a promise and escaping the clutches of the Gestapo on more than one occasion, Sean’s survival against all odds seems to have something providential about it. But is it just luck, an act of God, the compelling desire of an illicit affair or something more sinister?

Inexplicably drawn to one another by forces beyond their control, they are totally unaware of the massive difference their chance meeting is to make on both themselves and the world around them.
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ISBN 978-1-874490-77-7
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