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£7.50 : Paperback

Cover Design by Richie Perrott

ISBN: 978-1-874490-67-8

Having learned to dance like a dervish by the age of nine at Madam Robinson’s Dancing Academy for Young Ladies, Pook set his heart on leaving school in order to follow in the talented footsteps of his Uncle Dick as an international gigolo.


Being over-sized, precocious and fascinatingly plain, he tried to overcome these professional handicaps by the sheer talent of his feet—his educated floor-polishers as he called them.


Simultaneously he continued his struggle to become a celebrated writer, this time as Sheik Ali Ben Akmed, the Casanova on a camel, in the magazine Desert Romance, penning sand-sexies for precious little baksheesh, as he phrased it, with the help of his beautiful Olga.


How Pook signed for Rent-a-Gent Escort Bureau as an apprentice gigolo, then progressed from a small-town palais to the swank London ballroom of the Hotel Edacious is told in revealing detail. The story reaches its climax when, through the good offices of his friend Honners, Pook underwent a unique experience on the French Riviera in the arms of Lady Angela Stenlawson, the well-known debutante and man-eater.


It’s all here, folks—what every son should tell his father.