The Final Absurdities

This final volume of Frederick’s autobiography focuses on the latter half of his life.

It covers the exhilarating and enormously liberating times. The struggle to retain integrity, vision and independence in the face of adversity. How the happiness and wellbeing of his family were threatened by his refusal to sacrifice integrity and how his selfless wife was his bedrock and inspiration.

It touches on the ruthless exploitation by some publishers and agents and his Jekyll and Hyde character which occasionally got out of control. And it reflects upon the cruel tricks that life has played upon him.

But mostly, in his later years, he feels enriched by his life experience, justified in his self belief that he was born to be a writer. And because he has remained true to himself, and never lost his sense of humour, despite the vagaries of life, he can now sit back with a satisfied smile, knowing he would not have wanted to play the game of life any other way.
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ISBN 978-1-874490-82-1
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