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Peter Pook, Bwana Pook

Warning: the Publishers wish to state that they can accept no responsibility for the Pook addiction which will be the inevitable result of reading this book. Persons reading it do so as their own risk.


Peter Pook is desperate for money. He decides therefore to marry it, figuring this to be the shortest way to eliminate the normal forty years’ graft known as earning a living. He selects Africa as his hunting ground, and soon tracks a rich quarry, but he loses her to a rival Romeo. Naturally he plans to accompany the happy couple on their honeymoon.


With characteristic durability, Pook strikes gold in Johannesburg. He woos an heiress (against strong Afrikaans competition), but he has to live while doing so. To this end, he takes a job in the Capricorn Bank, where one of his duties is to wage financial war against the bank’s most powerful customer. This customer, of course, is the lady’s father.


Devotion to duty demands deportation. “Surely there is some remote corner of Darkest Africa,” sighs the bank manager, “where I can work out my service till pension without Pook.” Pook meanwhile is beset by lions in the dreaded Mwanga jungle.


The hilarity of this latest Pook book has to be experienced, and Pook’s many fans will revel in this unique exercise in laughter.



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£7.50 : Paperback

Cover Design by Richie Perrott

ISBN: 978-1-874490-54-8