Waxing Wroth
Price £6.99
ISBN 978-1-874490-46-5
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The Farmer and the Bureaucrats
Price £7.50
ISBN 978-1-874490-11-1
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Volume 3 of Frederick’s Autobiography The Final Absurdities is now available in paperback priced £8.50.
Hardback Price £15.00
ISBN 978-1-874490-79-1
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A Youthful Absurdity
Paperback Price £9.50
ISBN 978-1-874490-78-4
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A Youthful Absurdity
Paperback Price £7.95
ISBN 978-1-874490-77-7
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The Mysterious Affair
Price £5.00
ISBN 978-1-874490-76-0
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Easy Exercises
Price £8.50
ISBN 978-1-874490-16-6
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Price £7.50
ISBN 978-1-874490-75-3
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Going Through The Motions
Price £7.50
ISBN 978-1-874490-80-7
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Changing Partners
Paperback Price £8.50
ISBN 978-1-874490-81-4
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An Author’s Absurdities
On A Clear Day You Can See GOD
Price £7.50
ISBN 978-1-874490-47-0
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Paperback Price £8.50
ISBN 978-1-874490-82-1
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The Final Absurdities
Along the Way
Paperback Price £6.50
ISBN 978-1-874490-85-2
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