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Peter Pook, Beau Pook Proposes

Beau Pook Proposes lays bare the jungle of the used car trade and the ruthless operators standing behind their gleaming bangers. Anything but a woman’s world, yet Pook enters it in partnership with his great-aunt Dot, a lady born before the motor car was invented, determined to make good in the nation’s toughest mart.


We pity them as the victims of the notorious Tax Man con game, then marvel at Aunt Dot’s inspired counter-move against the Robbin’ Hoods of auto-ville.


But this story is not all power struggle on the forecourts of Britain. Pook tells of his unrequited love for the beautiful Wanda Wells, and how in his despair he wrote to Nurse Dawn of Family Help magazine, and how Nurse Dawn came to his side by return of post to begin a love affair to melt the heart of any franchise dealer—wherein Pook becomes engaged to Nurse Dawn’s glamorous sister, Gipsy Rosa with the Crystal Ball.


A poignant novel for all men who love cars and for all women who love ugly, muscle-bound men who love cars.


Pook says beauty is only sin-deep anyway.



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£7.50 : Paperback

Cover Design by Richie Perrott

ISBN: 978-1-874490-64-7